Raymond Graber, Rosarian & Ecologist,
can help you select a suitable rose from his many choices that he himself has grown on his farm.

Raymond Graber
Growing Roses in a Cold Climate

Exposing the fragile buds of a young rose bush to the severe climate of Northern New England may seem cruel or simply foolish. Most New Englanders known for their practicality, have not even attempted to grow roses. Those who love roses have bought them at supermarkets or hardware stores only to see them die during their first winter. Finding a rose that can shake off a stormy winter's worth of snow in the spring and burst into bloom in the short New England summer may seem like a rose-lover's search for the Holy Grail. In actuality one need look no further than Grandmother's garden. She knew the secret---antique roses. We specialize now in the New English roses that smell like grandmother's roses and repeat bloom all summer. They are just wonderful. Come and smell these roses.

These are not the kind of roses that are grown in the California sunshine and shipped to grocery stores around the country. These are roses that were planted in England as early as the 11th century, long before the advent of pesticides and the intensive methods of the California corporate farms. They are the survivors. Old Sheep Meadows Nursery offers more than 200 varieties of roses which have been tested in our own gardens and selected for winter hardiness, beauty and fragrance. We welcome you to come and see just how practical growing roses in Maine can be.

Ray hard at work potting Roses.

Visit our 4 acre country display garden and see these wonderful roses growing in a natural setting.

Michal Rae Graber, Landscape Designer & Horticulturist,
can also help you select that perfect Daylily for your garden, many of which are truly unique. She also excells at Landscape & Garden design.

Michal Graber
Designing Gardens and Landscaping for Winter Survival

Our landscape and design expert specializes in the traditional garden and heirloom plants so well suited for Maine gardens. These vigorous and lovely flowering perennials, roses, and shrubs and trees will add beauty to your home year after year. We will also plan contemporary and commerical landscape designs with the same thrifty, practicality of the Maine garden.

Our Motto is the right plant in the right place the first time. Ask for an appointment to start your landscape plan today. Practical landscaping increases the value of your home.

Our landscape designer has collaborated with the Maine Audubon Society in the design of a Hummingbird Garden. Her special expertise is in the gardens that attract birds, hummingbirds and butterflys.

Gardens designed by Michal have been featured in HGTV's Secret Garden Series and also in Better Homes & Gardens. The landscape design office is open daily by appointment.

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